Sai Nahm Chan Homestay

Package : Adults 1,500 Baht / Children (age under 5 - 10) 750 Baht
 (includes 3 meals and rafting)

       The new born residence in Chanthaburi locates among the orchard with nice and pleasant atmosphere. On Chanthaburi’s riverside which we can see a widely view and the curve of the river till a Khitchakut mountain when the sky is clear, living here is feeling like home. What you can’t miss is a Soft shell crab soup called Tom-som and big size crab that wait for you to enjoy.
Location : Sai Nahm Chan Homestay 27/1 Moo 6 Makham, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 086 407 1865
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Kayang Homestay

Package : More than 5 people 1,600 Baht/each (includes accommodations, activities and 3 meals)

       A homestay close to the sea which is a small community of a fisherman that still their common life. With a warm welcome of the villagers that taking care of a tourist nicely, here is a homestay that offers a residences for you to absorb a fisherman inhabiting life atmosphere. Own by “On” a kind lady with a cooking skills. The recommended menu would be “Keang-Moo-Cha-Muang” (traditional food)and fresh seafood that ready to serve.

Location : Tha Kha Yang Village, Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi
Tel : 089-9102612, 096-1565911

Paplern Homestay 

Package : 1,700 Baht/Person includes 3 meals and drinks with water activities (Rafting and water slide)

       A homestay that has familiarly service among a chilled atmosphere, surrounded by the mangrove. Every house is reached the river, moreover, this homestay provides a slider which is one of the interesting point that is quite unique in Chanthaburi. Enjoy the rafting, plus a full seafood dinner with high grade crab that purchased from the villagers directly.
Location : 25/1 Moo 10 Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 086-138-9742 , 098-857-3165

Baan Rua Resort and Homestay

Package : More than 4 people 2,500 Baht/Person (includes accommodations + 3 meals)

      Baan rua resort and homestay is next to the Pak nam khaem nu bridge. The residence produced from a real boat whether a fishing boat or yacht. The boat is fully equipped with karaoke meeting rooms for guests to socialize. The resort is decorated with shady trees. Large swimming pool with sea view. The resort provide 3 full meals, also a rafting activity. Apart from the boat shelter. There is a normal room offers for those who wants to go as a group.
Location : 49/5 Moo 6 Khlong Khud, Tha Mai, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 088-0111176 or 039-460890

Ploen Poong Homestay

Package : Adults 1,600 Baht (per night)
Children under 1-4 FREE!
 Children age 5-11 half price 800 Baht
     Ploen Poong Homestay, a homestay that has been renovated from old shrimp ponds to be a cool residence. Rooms available from 4 - 5 to large groups. And there are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, like a vacation home. For family that looking for a clean, simple decor, good atmosphere, comfortable interior, en-suite bathroom and amenities such as hot shower, cable TV, air conditioning and private balcony. Let's have a relaxing time by the water such as kayaking around the lake, rafting, watching the mangrove forest, and the red hawk. 

Location : Khlong Yai Choo, Wan Yao, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 081-9493753 , 081-7731686
Facebook :  เพลินพุง โฮมสเตย์


Rattanasoi Homstay

Package : More than 3 people 1,500 Baht/Person
 (includes a
ccommodations, activities and 3 seafood meals)

       Rattanasoi Homestay, the atmosphere is nice and clean, colorful, surrounded by the water, cool breeze. There are big ponds for boating around the homestay. The homestay is connected by the bridge. In the evening to help you relax with a nice whether, you can come and sit down by the balcony. There are 18 rooms for up to 100 guests. If you want to relax in a big group. The accommodation can accommodate casually.

Location : 18 Moo 8 Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 089-020-4059 , 092-504-4495 , 080-101-6238
Facebook :รัตนสร้อย-โฮมสเตย์-จันทบุรี

Krua Rim Klong Baan Bang Chun Homestay

Package : More than 5 People 1,500 Baht/Person
 Children(under 10) 750 Baht

(includes accommodations, activities and 3 seafood meals)

Accommodation with cozy home style next to Nam deang canal. For those who likes to relax, eat well and live comfy. Fresh seafood that is fully served. The location is located by the most beautiful river bend as you can see the river flows in two lines. It seems to be a perfect relaxation that you can watch the villager’s life who lives along the river. Besides, there is a top activity like rafting and feeding hawks.

Location : 7/5 Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 084-352-3397 , 098-994-2034
Facebook : ครัวริมคลองบางชันโฮมสเตย์

Rim Chan Homestay 

Package : 1,700 Bath/Person (includes accommodations, 3 meals, rafting and catching crabs activity)

If you are looking for a nice atmosphere and a friendly service, Rim Chan Homestay is the answer. The highlight is the colorful room surrounded by green mangrove forest which produce a nice weather. The villager will demonstrate how to catch crabs before they cook it. Before the sunset, you can go for a rafting, swimming then enjoying the diner.
Location : 30/1 Moo 6 Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 061 667 1884
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Poolay Homestay

Package : 1,600 Baht/Person (includes 3 seafood meals, cycling and rafting)

The accommodation among the nice whether from the sea wind and take a walk along a wooden bridge. This homestay has a view of mountain at the back and sea at the front. This is the new release homestay at Leamsing district. With the recommendation of the big size crabs for a crab lover and the seafood fully served 3 meals. Furthermore, you can go for a rafting to take a sight of nature and go for feeding hawks or go for a bike along the beach. For those who looking for a place to relax and enjoy the meal, here is the answer.
Location : Chalerm Burapa Chollathit Road, Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 093-253-9008, 091-875-2579
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Manee Dang Homestay

Package : Start from 1,700 Baht/Person (can accommodate up to 4-5 people) includes 3 meals and activities

 Homestay In the midst of full nature, not just a normal homestay. If you stay at this place you can also learn about the nature, because this homestay wants to be an agricultural learning center for those who are interested. By the homestay, there are mangrove forests that allow people to have an activity and get to know the trees in the forest, as well as the nursery and aquariums such as crabs, fish and more on the area of 40 acres. In the night time, you are able to lay down, look up to the nice sky and get a fresh air as well.

Location : 8/5 Moo 7 Chalerm Burapa Chollathit Road, Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 039 444 531-2 , 090 381 1663
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Ton Nam Homestay

Package : 1,600 Baht/Person (includes accommodations, activities and 3 meals)

       Homestay with a lovely atmosphere as you are resting in the heart of the lake. Plus, there's also unlimited seafood with 3 great meals for those who love to eat crabs. Ton nam homestay use crabs that are specially selected, so sweet and delicious with dipping seafood sauce which is unforgettable. It can accommodate over 80-100 people, and there's also a mixer, soda, ice water, audio and karaoke for free. Nice atmosphere with the wind blows and you can see a mountain view which located far away.
Location : 4/5 Moo 8 Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 084 883 4689
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I-lay Homestay

Package : 1,800 Baht/Person (1,600 Baht for more than 3 people) includes accommodations and 3 meals
       A Homestay that each rooms are built to reach the water,  with a long wooden bridge connected. There is also a photo corner, a balcony to sit and relax with atmosphere. Served with 3 seafood meals, the accommodation will provide the equipment from fishermen in the area who have experienced in selecting seafood ingredients directly. Ensure all the dishes on the table here will guarantee the freshness of each meal. The night time, atmosphere at I-lay homestay is very romantic, overlooking the light reflecting the water surrounding the residence. Ideal to stroll on the bridge and relax.
Location : Chalerm Burapa Chollathit Road Km.89, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 062-1799926 , 091-6750221
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Ban Chay Len Homestay

Package : 1,500 Baht/Person (includes accommodations, activities and 3 meals)

       A place that take you to relax in the mangrove atmosphere. Walk on wooden bridges stretching among the mangroves forest and seagrass. In the afternoon, you can go out for the rafting and return to have an unlimited fresh seafood provided. If you are lucky, you may find a little firefly waiting for you to flash a light. All of that is included here. “Ban Chay Len Homestay" accommodation for crabs lover and love the nature.

Location : Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 092 8462829, 085 4343402
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Tew Mai Plai Pa Homestay

Package : 1,500 Baht/Person (includes 3 meals and rafting activity)

A small homestay but lovely and comfortable, the owner was welcoming warmly. The taste of food is very delicious. By crab here, that selected the size of 4 pieces per kilogram, sweet and delicious with seafood sauce. You can fill it up as you wish. Let’s come and enjoy here.
Location : 9/8 Moo 10 Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 087-942-6368 , 089-099-9851
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Baan Talay Dao Homestay

Package : 1,800 Baht (includes 3 seafood meals and activities)

For those who like to enjoy the traditional way of life, enjoy nature and eat fresh seafood, you must come here with "Baan Talay Dao homestay" just getting into the accommodation was so amazing while you need to sit on the boat through mangroves. We will see the splendor of the ocean and the richness of the mangrove forests. As soon as you arrive, you will find the warmth of your host's welcome. The food here is fully served. The first meal will be in the afternoon of the first day you reach. We can also enjoy the fishing activities and Kayaking around the lodge. Enjoy dinner party with crabs which full of eggs, shrimp, and squid. In the morning, the homestay provides a boat for the guest to see the sea. Watch the villagers spend their life. Those who like the adventurous experience should visit here.

Location : The No-land Village, Bang Chan, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 088 214 4424

Moom Talay Chan Homestay

Package : 1,500 Baht/Person for more than 5 people (includes meals, accommodations and activities)

Moom Talay Chan Homestay, a homestay in Chanthaburi that is different from other place. Because of the combination of cute Korean and Japanese style, from the design of the lodge, Tori, Sakura tree and a sliding door room. Plus, fresh seafood full of crab, squid and shrimp. Not only the meal, this place provides many activities to do, such as rafting, kayaking, watch red hawk, take a sight of the sea, karaoke, and riding bike tour around the village. Who wants to stay in a lovely accommodation, ready to have a fresh seafood, Moom Talay Chan Homestay is the answer

Location : 65/2 The No-land Village, Bang Chan, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 063 138 7567
Pictures from : Facebook/มุมทะเลจันท์ โฮมสเตย์ - จันทบุรี

Kiang Chan Homestay

2 packages for 2 days 1 night : 1,500 Baht/Person and 2,000 Baht/Person

Here is homestay with a good atmosphere, stay in the middle of the sea on the land of Bangchan village, Khlung, Chanthaburi. This place is suited for those who would like to stay close to the villagers to see their life-being, but do not leave comfort. The accommodation is well-equipped with air-conditioner, TV, hot water, Wi-Fi, and karaoke. The room accommodates up to 40 people for groups of visitors, including free activities such as rafting, kayaking, and visiting separated sea. 3 meals and free drinks throughout the trip (except alcoholic beverages)

Location : 167/1 Moo 2 Bang Chan, Khlung, Chathaburi Province
Tel : 080 633 7952
Pictures from : Facebook/เคียงจันท์ โฮมสเตย์ - จันทบุรี

 Talay Ngarm Homestay

Package : 1,500 Baht/Person (includes 3 seafood meals and activities)

Talay Ngarm Homestay, surrounded by beautiful countryside, located in the middle of the sea. In the village of Bangchan, Chantaburi, the environment is abundant, this is one of the ideal accommodation for a vacation. You can visit 2 days 1 night, which the homestay will be well-prepared the accommodate. There is also fresh seafood for you to have 3 meals at only 1,500 Baht per person and not only that, there are activities to take you to the rafting to see the miracle of a separated sea, watch the red hawk and kayaking. Ensure that while you are here you will be happy 24 hours.

Location : Bang Chan, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 085 085 7526
Pictures from : Facebook/บางชัน แฮปปี้ โฮมสเตย์ - จันทบุรี

Bang Chan Happy Homestay

Package :  1,700 Baht/Person (includes 2 meals) *Exclusive for more than 10 people*

Staying at “Bang Chan Happy Homestay" you will be amaze with the mangrove forest that is plenty in natural resources which could touch top of the world’s rank. Watching the fisherman's way of life in the village that stays more than 120 years since the reign of King Rama V. Living here, will feel like a comfortable home. Have fresh seafood and 4 local dishes which can be refilled unlimited.

Location : Bang Chan, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 085 085 7526
Pictures from : Facebook/บางชัน แฮปปี้ โฮมสเตย์ - จันทบุรี

Klung Riverview Homestay

Package : 1,500 Baht/Person (includes accommodations, meals and activities)

Klung Riverview Homestay, the waterfront accommodation is located at Amphoe Khlung, Chanthaburi, close to the mangrove forest. This accommodation is peace. Suitable for friends and family group who looking for a place during holidays. Besides the good atmosphere, the restaurant also has a seafood menu to arrange a full set. The menu that you must try is a big size crab which hardly describe the sweetness. Anyone who wants to have a comfortable stay and good food, here is not disappointing. "Khlung Riverview Homestay”

Location : 74/2 Moo 3 Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 087 134 5822
Pictures from : Facebook/ขลุงริเวอร์วิว โฮมสเตย์-จันทบุรี

Chom Chan Around the World

Package : 1,800 Baht/Person includes 3 meals (Pet Friendly Homestay)

Accommodation in the lagoon cozy atmosphere, the feeling of friendly environment. Ideal for holiday makers who looking for a place to relax. The accommodation also has delicious food. Those who like to eat seafood, you won’t be disappointed here.

Location : Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 081 632 6319
Pictures from : Facebook/ชมจันท์อะราวเดอะเวิลด์ - จันทบุรี

Pailay Homestay

Package : Adults 1,600 Baht includes accommodations and 3 meals (Seafood Buffet)

Accommodation with good atmosphere located by the sea, the sea breezes among the mangrove forest. Feels like a fisherman style vacation. In addition to colorful accommodation, The front of the house also extends into the water, adding another chilled moment. Provided a bridge to snap pictures. There are also a full set of seafood here which is unlimited refilled. Who likes to live with nature and nice sea this place is recommended.

Location : 4/9 Moo 8 Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 081-7731686 , 081-9493753
Facebook :ปัยเล-โฮมสเตย์ 

Jitnawa Homestay

Package : 1,500 Baht/Person (includes accomodations, 3 meals and activities)

Another homestay in Chanthaburi where is suit to rest. Staying here is feeling you come with family. The atmosphere is like the home of relatives in other province. The house is in the middle of the lake. Colorful homestay style. There are 3 meals seafood, shrimp, shell, fish, crab, fresh squid and local food in Chanthaburi to eat. If you want to relax in a cozy atmosphere here is the answer.

Location : 52/4 Moo 10 Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 084-779-4549
Facebook :จิตนาวา-โฮมสเตย์

Aloha Homestay

Package : Adults 1,800 Baht/Person , Children (under 5) Free , Children (age 5-12) Half price

Homestay that renovated from shrimp farming area. Until now, turned to the travel business, transformed to a famous destination which make this place more alive. Experience the mangrove nature surrounding. All the houses will have a wide terrace, stretched into the water as well for activities such as sitting, sleeping, sitting, chill out. There are also 3 special buffet meals for dinner. Fresh seafood, crabs, shrimp, oysters, fried fish, this place is where you must stop by.

Location : 61/1 Moo 4 Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 081-835-7687
Facebook :

Ban Klang Lae Homestay

Package : 1,000 Baht/Person (includes 2 meals and activities)

For those who like a simple accommodation close to nature, you have to check- in here. At Baan Klang Lay  Klung Homestay accommodation in the middle of the sea with a friendly atmosphere. You can just sit and enjoy the sea breeze for a whole day. Enjoy the buffet of seafood, including shrimp and shell, fish. Serve full night Come to touch a fresh air and good atmosphere with a variety of activities such as take a boat ride to view the mangrove forest, fishing, tasting fresh oysters from the farm of Baan Klang Lay Klung Homestay. Don’t think much just come and enjoy.

Tel : 091-5490936
Facebook : บ้านกลางเล ขลุง จันทบุรี

Talay Kwan Smut Homestay

Package : 1,500 Baht/Person for more than 3 people (includes accommodations, meals and activities)

An accommodation by the sea with a good atmosphere. Nestled between the nature of mangrove forest which is peaceful and private. Complete with 3 meals featuring fresh seafood, prawns, crabs and local dishes to eat unlimited. Many cool activities to do, whether to see the red hawks, visit the village, visit the temple in the reign of King Rama V (Wat Bangchan) watch the separated sea, relax and enjoy the comfy sea life, must be here.

Location : Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi
Tel : 081-9493251 (uncle Mhee)
Facebook :

Pak Klong Homestay

Package : 1,500 Baht/Person (includes 3 seafood meals) Pet friendly with charge

A Homestay that located at Laem Singh. It is a perfect place to relax. The accommodation surrounded by the water and fresh air. There is a place to sit and chilled by the water, friendly, simple, quiet and not busy. Whether it is with a gang of friends or a family and lovers, here is a place to stay. Facilities include TV, air conditioning, en suite bathroom, and plenty of activities to do. This place will create a vacation that is sure to impress.

Location : 6/2 Moo 6 Laem Singha, Chanthaburi
Tel : 095-5328279 , 080-6059119
Facebook : ปากคลอง โฮมสเตย์

Klang Na Homestay

Package : Start from 1,400 Baht/Person/Night (includes 3 meals and free drinks)

Homestay accommodation located in Laem Sing district. The field atmosphere. Good weather which suits for the holidays. There is not much room but enough for anyone who comes as a family, friends and lovers. The room is available for a guest maximum of 6-8 people. Those who want to take the family to relax, not far from the city, here is another interesting destination.

Location : 7/4 Moo 10, Nong Chim, Laem Singha, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 098-294-5196 , 095-405-2592
Facebook : กลางนา โฮมสเตย์

Plai Chan Homestay

For package, please contact the homestay directly

Homestay with good weather, beautiful view, and the atmosphere of relaxation by the sea. There are mangrove forests which create a fresh air around the area. Experience the local fishermen's way of catching the fish shells. Plus, take a walk to look around by the surrounding wooden bridge. The rooms are spacious and clean, you are able to open the door to see the beautiful sea front, sit down to watch the sunset and so on.

Location : 21/4 Moo 4 Tha Kha Yang Village, Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province
Tel : 081-751-1076
Facebook : 

Baan Nam Dang Homestay

 Package : 1-3 people 1,800 Baht/Each , More than 4 people 1,500 Baht/Each (includes 3 meals and activities)
New homestay but create an impression to guests who visited. Anyone who wants to go and have fun with friends in the midst of nature. Lovely colorful house located on the waterfront atmosphere the accommodation in a high lift floor. It is perfect place for sitting to feel the wind at the front porch of the accommodation. Moreover, the homestay offers unlimited seafood. Along with the rafting activities, take a sight of the hawks, and study the life of the villagers, this is a place where you should come.

Location : 9 Moo 6, Bang Chan, Khlung, Chanthaburi Province



Baan Pa Rim Tarn Homestay

Package : 1,200 - 1,500 Baht/Person/Night (includes accommodations with 2 meals)

Homestay with a cozy atmosphere as you are living in the middle of the forest. Also surrounded by 2 streams to choose from, the atmosphere is equally chilled. In addition to soaking water by the streams, you will also enjoy two meals including breakfast and dinner which you cannot miss. The soup with chicken and cardamom, fried cabbage with bacon, and shrimp paste sauce with omelet. Staying here you will sleep well by listening to the waterfall all night.

Tel : 081-8545205


Baan Ing Tarn Homestay

Package : 2,500 Baht/Room (2 People) includes 2 meals

A lovely homestay on the waterfront. There are a wooden house behind the stream and room in a modern and loft style stone home. The interior is beautifully decorated with all amenities including air-conditioner, TV, refrigerator and water heater. The upper floor also has a deck for lounging. Plus, when the weather is good, the upper floor is available for sleeping on the tent too. There is also a small coffee shop that let us sit and enjoy the view of the river from the balcony. There’s a corner that has a collections for the guest to have a stylish photo snap. If you want to swim, walk from the accommodation to just a few steps, the atmosphere so cool. 

Tel : 086-0033186


Ban Suan Chan Resort

Package : 1,000 Baht/Person (includes breakfast and dinner)

Give it one of the finest accommodations and atmosphere in the field. With Ban Suan Chan Resort with a chic, stylish design. By using wood mixed with the loft style of brick to come out unique. In Ban Suan Chan divided into 4 houses, 10 rooms ranging from 4 to 10 people, including the twin houses in the middle of the large waterfront house on the hill. Single house with a room and patio for tents, a lawn for a picnic and a waterfront pavilion including the grill service. One who wants to go to swim, just walk from the house a few steps, rubber ring and rowing boat. Staying here and you won’t want to get back.

Tel : 091-2031973 , 084-9327132


Chan Na Va Homestay

Package : 1,500 - 6,000 Baht (charge 300 Baht for breakfast and dinner)

Homestay with chic windmill house and slider. This is the only accommodation in the Thung Plae with full featured sliders. Who wants a slider from the room down to the waterfall? Chan Na Va is the answer. Recommended windmill house reservation near the waterfall which is a landmark here. Maximum occupancy is 10 people. There are also lovely style accommodation to choose. The double room can accommodate 2-3 people and the house can accommodate from 5 to 12 people. Those who want to taste fresh fruit from the seasonal garden, such as Durian, Rambutan, Mangosteen, and Wollongong, let's have a rest at Chan Na Va Homestay.

Tel : 080-8289959


Baan Suan Prueksa Homestay

Package : 800 Baht/Person/Night (includes breakfast and dinner)

Baan Prueksa is a lovely place to stay, surrounded by tropical fruit orchards. The rooms here are divided into homestay accommodation divided into rooms, with en suite bathroom. Equipped with air-conditioner, TV, refrigerator, fan and water heater. Who come as a group can stay by a house. There is a single bedroom, 2 bathrooms and a large house with 2 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, up to a maximum of 10-12 guests even if the house is not by the river. But not far away, there is a waterfront pavilion to sit and dine with waterfall view. In the evening, who would like to grill at the waterfront pavilion, there is a stove to serve.
Tel : 082-2021094


Tara Ville Homestay 

Package : 800 Baht/Person (includes 2 meals)

Tara Ville is the perfect place to be chilled by the river. Located in the middle of a fruit orchard with mangosteen trees around the house. When it comes to fruit season then we can eat it from the beginning. There are 5 bungalows with a maximum occupancy ranging from 8 to 10 people, each of the house is simple, modern and clean. Fully equipped with air-conditioner, TV, fridge with grill, barbecue party on the balcony. There is also a waterfront living area. Who would like to sit at the bamboo pavilion or sleep on the hammock, you can enjoy.  If you are going to swim, we have a rock weir to sit and dip the water for all year.
Tel : 089-0949409


Tara Ville Homestay

Package : 800 Baht/Person (includes 2 meals)

Homestay on the waterfront with the mountain view. Even though there are only 5 cottages, it can accommodate from 4-12 people and the main house has a maximum of 30 people. Facilities include air-conditioner, TV, water heater and free Wi-Fi. Staying here, you don’t need to carry things much, because the accommodation is ready with everything, including glass, water, dishes, kitchen utensils, ice-cream stove, grill, and mortar. The highlight here is the 4 water weir by their own. Traditional slider or sit and soak the water for a relaxation. There is also a fruit garden surrounded for free for guests to eat.
Tel : 081-868 8163


Baan Tara Rin Homestay

Package : 800-1,000 Baht/Person (includes 2 meals)

Homestay with good atmosphere, streams flowing from the waterfalls of Khao Bungjob and 3 canals, called Ta seng waterfall, Klong Klang and Tub yuan waterfall. You can walk from the room just a few steps. The highlight here is the accommodation options in a variety of styles, including bungalows and modern single house and house for a group, stay up to 10 people or more for people who come to visit a big group. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioner and TV. They have a spacious waterfront seating area which you can a picture or watching view for all day.
Tel : 081-7952451


Baan Suan Rim Nam Homestay

For package, please contact the homestay directly

Homestay style garden house surrounded by orchards and small trees. The house is a large wooden house. Interior decoration by simple but clean. With full facilities, there is also a waterfront terrace. Along with the waterfall view. For those who want to order seafood to grill in the evening, just notify the homestay before so they can purchase with no additional charge. The service here is impressive.

Tel : 089-0930144 , 081-8023775


Baan Tonnam Chan Homestay

Package : 800 Baht/Person (includes 2 meals)

Accommodation amidst a lush orchard environment, there are also Mangosteen, Salacca and Wollongong for the guest to pick up from the tree when it’s fruit season. It inspired the name of each house such as star gooseberry house, and the mix fruit house. It can accommodate from 2 to 4 people, and can up to a large villa which up to 20-30 people. Each room has TV, refrigerator, kettle, hot water, fan, some also have a microwave and grill. There is also a dining table and utensils, a glass of ice water and ice water. Suitable for anyone looking for chilling place with family and friends.
Tel : 088-4844457, 085 279 0239


Baan Tan Nam Sai Homestay

Package : A/C Room 700 Baht/Person , Fan Room 600 Baht/Person (includes 2 meals)

Simple homestay on the waterfront. Relaxing atmosphere which suits for two nights. Shelter surrounded by trees and small garden. There is a pavilion sitting on the waterfront, and a wooden bridge to walk over and take a photo. Enjoy soaking or dipping feet in water at Baan Tan Nam Sai Homestay.
Tel : 086-1502007

By : Chillpainai