Koh Lipe, one of the farthest island in Thailand, but completely worth traveling to this Andaman paradise! The island can be reached from many destination and easier than ever. Who’s planning on a trip that revolves around tropical, paradise and beaches this Summer, Koh Lipe might be the one that you’re looking for. And these below are the ultimate guide, 9 Things to Do in Koh Lipe that You Can’t Miss!

Make Time for the Sunrise at Sunrise Beach

Sunrise Beach (or Hat Chao Lay in Thai) is a long stretch beautiful beach perfectly located on the east side of the island. Every morning, the beach full with Chao Lay boats (long-tail boats), including The biggest one!, due to the beach is nearest to a little Chao Lay Village. Sunrise Beach has a quiet peaceful atmosphere with less touristy make it perfect spot for watching the exquisite sunrise that happens every single morning, which is a fantastic way to start your day.


Island Hopping! Experience the Underwater World

Island hopping in Koh Lipe is a must everyone need to go. It’s features two zones of snorkeling sites. Inner Zone includes Ja Bang, Koh Hin Ngam and the remarkable white sand beach of Koh Rawi. Outer Zone consist of Koh Ro Kloy, Koh Hin Son, Koh Dong and Kong Pung. The trips includes everything you need such as mask, snorkel and fin, lunch, drinking water and fresh fruits. You may combined these two trip together and make it a one day trip.


Koh Hin Ngam : Mysterious Island Built of Thousand of Black Rocks

Koh Hin Ngam features in the Inner snorkeling zone which is not far from Koh Lipe. Most incredible and mysterious thing is this whole island build out of thousands of shining polished black rocks. All the stones were refined and shaped from the action of waves hitting the island. There was a myth, anyone who creates a tower 12 stones tall that doesn’t fall off before leave the island, a wish they made will come true. But nowadays it’s prohibited, after many waves hit the island, sparkling rocks fall, broke off and so many people injured by this accident. Alternatively, there’s a sign that anyone who removes one of the stones of the island will be cursed. (My advice, just take a photo and leave the stones where they are will be fine)


Climb the Top of Chado Cliff and See Koh Lipe from Above

Well, after reached the island you might want to know how Koh Lipe look like from above. We suggested you an adventure trail, climbing to the top of Koh Adang which is named Chado Cliff. It once be a pirate’s observation point, however it’s now an amazing viewpoint to see 360° view of Andaman Sea. Koh Adang is almost entirely forested and there is a trail, about 40 minutes, that leads up to the summit and you’ll see Koh Lipe shaped like a boomerang! Moreover, you can stay overnight in a tent on Koh Adang, an island just north and close to Lipe.


Thai Massage by the Beach

(In the picture is at Triluck Thai Massage in front of Moonlight Bungalow on Pattaya Beach)

One of the to-do list when visiting Thailand is getting a Thai massage. And this is better by the beach! where you can smell the sea, feel the breeze and hear the ocean waves.
The Thai massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body's energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body’s energy systems. There’re so many spa & massage in Koh Lipe, so you can choose from luxury spa treatment to traditional Thai massage by the beach.


Try Unique Seafood in Chao Lay Style

(In the picture is Seafood dishes in Chao Lay Style at Barracuda Bar & Restaurant)

When in Rome, do as the romans do, right? So when you on the island, why not experiencing some new flavours like fisherman’s style seafood! In Koh Lipe,
the chef, who’s also a fisherman, cook the freshest seafood off the sea. We recommend you to try Fried calamari with squid ink, Fried shrimp with red sauce and Grilled Trevally dipped with spicy seafood sauce.


See the Sunset at the Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach (or Had Pra Mong in Thai) is a small sandy beach along the west side of Koh Lipe. The beach get its name from the stunning view of sunset, as the sun slowly and exquisitely going down over the sea. This is the perfect beach for both travellers and Chao Lay to chill out, watch the blue sky turning red, and end a long, hot day on Koh Lipe.


Strolling Down the Walking Street

Walking Street is the city center of Koh Lipe. There’re plenty of bars and restaurants to refuel your energy, stroll around, and find some awesome street food like Roti! While you’re not on the island hopping or sunbathing on the beach, the walking street is like the oasis that features several local shop including cafes, souvenir shops, swimwear shops and dive supply shops.


Roti & Cha Chak = Perfect Combination

(In the picture is a roti shop named Madame Yoohoo - Pa Kae)

End up your day on the paradise island with a definitely stand out and must try in the walking street, Roti and Cha Chak. Although there are tons of these roti stands on Walking Street, but a few is purely yummy. The roti is light and gooey and delicious top with a wide varieties of topping. Always pairing with Cha Chak or Thai pulled tea enjoyed by all aged.

Koh Lipe Map

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